Our Installers are bringing at your home their years of experience with some of the big names in the trade. Ensuring your furniture is installed to the highest standards and a smooth Installation process.

The Installation can take in average between 1 and 3 days per room. It all depends on how simple or complicated a project wold be. Our professionals will never rush through a task. We take extra care to ensure our products are installed in a neath and professional manner, for brilliant and long lasting results.

Before the fit


In order to avoid any subsequent damages like scratching walls or damaging floors and ceilings, our Installers would only occupy the room where the installation should take place. They will take the time to protect the flooring/carpet before installation begins. It will be down to you to protect or put away high valuable items, to assure these are not a subject of work related damages. Further more you would be required to allow as much space as possible for the installation to take place. You will be advised on how much room is needed by the professional designing your project. All activities, related to preparing the site, should be completed before the arrival of the installer. This will allow a smooth start which should leat to even smoother finish.

All work related activities such as sawing, assembling ect. must take place within the premisses of the room. To insure your safety, it is recommended that you do not occupy the premises of the room while the installation takes place. It is the installers responsibility to assure his own safety. Upon arrival our personnel will inspect the premises for safety hazards. If they consider the site not safe to work in, it is their right to abort the fit.

This is essentially all you need to know before the installation. If there are any questions left unanswered our team will be happy to help. You can get in touch by filling in our contact form, or contact us directly.

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