In The Loft

Lofts are often the most commonly used storage places at home. However the increasing population and other economic factors have turned it into more of a living space area. A a result the loft conversions have increased in the last decade especially in the cities. This creates the need for more smart and functional storage solutions.

Making the best out of the storage space in the loft however, requires not only great design ideas but also great and very skilled professionals who can execute these. Especially when it comes to slopes, with all the angles and complications.


Not to worry tho, because this is where we shine.

As the Loft has become the new bedroom at home we have been working on ways to really improve the usable amount of space there is, when it comes to storage.

An Amazing addition to our Fitted Wardrobes Range. Loft

Mostly by using a front frame system, but also with our karkas based wardrobes, we aim to give you the best utilisation options there are. We do not claim ta have invented these, but we can certainly make the most out of your space by using those. For more on how we install our products please visit our installation page.

In a nutshell …

To put it all together, it doesn’t get much better than this. With great design and great skills, we are here to provide you with the quality of work you deserve.

In our Loft gallery you will find examples of bespoke loft fitted wardrobes you may want to inquire for. Altho as we specialise in made to measure furniture, every product is designed with you personally. Therefor not all the project you see may be to you taste. For this very reason we would not put our name on any of these as they are practically yours.